TL-A8O-20W Audio Mixer/Amp for In-Room Audio – 20w

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Flat panel televisions are great tools in today’s classrooms and conference rooms, costs have decreased, performance and reliability have increased, and they provide exceptionally high quality audio and video. But how do you handle larger rooms requiring projectors? Or smaller rooms with monitors that only handle video? Video without audio not only lacks impact, it also halves your message.

“Video only” projectors and displays require a secondary audio system, as do larger rooms where displays with built-in speakers simply lack enough punch.

Stereo audio amplification systems (also known as 8 ohm systems) are ideal for in-room audio distribution. Typically, these systems include a small mixer/amplifier connected to speakers with simple wiring. The mixer/amplifier connects directly to the audio source or sources (typically computers, switchers, tablets, microphones or even the display itself), converts and amplifies the audio, and distributes it to the speakers in the room.

The TL-A8O-20W is an ideal choice for in-room mixing and amplification, it supports connections from two audio devices, allows remote volume control and equalization, powers stereo or mono speakers, and even loops out to a second mixer/amplifier or recording system for larger, more flexible audio distribution needs.

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