TL-5X1-HDV 5×1 HDMI & VGA Switcher

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We’ve all experienced it, you walk into a meeting room and there are cables all over the place, a couple on the table, a couple under the table, maybe one dangling from the projector or display. You place your laptop on the conference room table and ask, “which cable do I use to connect my presentation?” Your colleague just stares back blankly. Great, this meeting is off to a wonderful start.

The problem is exacerbated when you have multiple people all trying to share content. A poorly implemented meeting room that is difficult for one presenter to use efficiently is near impossible for multiple participants.

Enter the TL-5X1-HDV. This compact switcher automatically manages the connections of up to five unique users, no more passing cables, pushing buttons, and untangling knots. Each user gets their own cable and the system automatically “senses” when someone plugs in and makes their device live to the display. Plus, HDMI and VGA dual connectivity ensure both new and old devices can connect to the system.

Installation and use is easy: place the TL-5X1-HDV on or under the conference room table, run up to three HDMI cables and two VGA cables to the different points on the table, and connect your devices (typically laptops, tablets, and phones). Cables don’t need to move and the TL-5X1-HDV handles user signal switching and distribution. You can even connect secondary audio-video inputs, such as BluRay players, dedicated computers, and cable boxes.

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