PSLTE HDMI Port Saver Right Angle Left w/ Ethernet

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HDMI Port Saver Right Angle Left

A groundbreaking product from Planet Waves.  An instant solution to depth, angle, and attachment issues when mounting any display. Planet Waves Port Savers allow the user to plug the HDMI cable in before the display is mounted, simplifying installation and removal of any display.

Port Savers are available in three variations (Up, Down, and Left) allowing for easy hookup and disconnect and can be locked to any Planet Waves HDMI cable with the HDMILok from Planet Waves. Maintains High Speed, HDMI 1.4a and 4k/2k / 3D spec for full 1080p support. Supports HDMI High Speed 1.4a spec, 3D, 4k/2k, Ethernet w/Audio Return. Advanced conductor construction maximizes 8 channels of digital audio signals and pure digital video signal. All cables are CM & CL2 (UL) rated for in-wall installations

E SERIES: Port Savers/Cables are Ethernet Ready

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