BB-ZB1 BlueBOLT Wireless Ethernet Bridge

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Control & monitor household power and energy usage from anywhere, anytime with your mobile phone, tablet or computer. (Requires one or more MD2-ZB or SP-1000 SmartPlugs, sold separately).

Save Time. Save Money. Save Energy – BlueBOLT Remote Power and Energy Management provides real-time, cloudbased control and monitoring of the energy used by electronic devices. From easy reboots of locked-up electronics to comprehensive energy tracking and scheduled conservation, BlueBOLT provides a unique combination of control and monitoring directly at the electronics power source.

The Power of Control – Anywhere in the World – Electronics plugged into a BlueBOLT-enabled component can easily be rebooted from any web-enabled device, from anywhere in the world, with the click of a button through BlueBOLT’s easy to use, cloud-based user interface.

Go Green with Scheduled Conservation – Standby power (sometimes called “vampire power”) is the power used by electronic devices when they are turned off – is often identified as one of the biggest wastes of electric power, adding up to more than $3 billion of annual energy costs in the U.S. alone. BlueBOLT’s Scheduled Conservation allows the user to automatically shut off all power to electronic devices during non-use hours – providing a real-world solution to reducing energy bills and the impact on the environment.

Tame Your Customer’s Router – With BlueBOLT, you can assign outlets to automatically reboot once an active Internet connection is lost, completely automating the all-to-common procedure of re-establishing an Internet connection with a hard reboot.

Setup in Minutes – BlueBOLT’s cloud-based communications provides an incredibly easy setup procedure. You can immediately register it and begin monitoring and controlling from your computer, tablet or smartphone: no static IP addresses or port forwarding needed.

MSRP: $99.95

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